Contrada is a model that brings you an exciting journey over kitchen world, where the warm essence of wood in walnut and white decapé colors are together to create a flexible and allure kitchen model and you can appreciate the careful beauty and quality of materials. CONTRADA is endowed with a perfect join of past and present, with dinamysm of a young staging.

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Ducale is daughter of Nature and Time. Its shapes are rich due to decorations, curved lines and ceramic handles. It has traditional elements but beyond its classic front it is hidden a modern and functional backbone. Ducale is shown in two finishes: cherry wood and ivory decapé. It has latest ergonomics solutions as full extraction drawers, islands and peninsulas. You can join little elements with large capacity cabinets. The exquisite decoration of carving represents traditional crafts establishing a friendly ambient, as result of the experience.

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Elegir hoy una cocina clásica significa buscar materiales robustos, acabados preciosos y espacios mimetizados con la naturaleza. VILLAGE sale de estos elementos para crear un modelo de cocina que funde sus raíces en el tiempo antiguo, cuando existía una identidad común y la sabiduría popular se proclamaba con refranes e historias. El color brillante, el veteado de la madera enriquecidos por los vivos acabados y los cuidadosos detalles de los tiradores se funden con el hogar para crear una cocina clásica que se detiene en el tiempo.

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